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Buying a home in Orange County is expensive. Trust us, we know…we’ve been there! Buying a home for the first time is not just expensive, it’s OVERWHELMING!! There are many things to consider such as location, lot size, proximity to work, number of bedrooms, square feet, parking requirements, number of floors, loan packages, title insurance companies, homeowners insurance, CCR’s, and so much more!! And we haven’t even figured out how you’re going to afford it! The best chance you will have of getting the property you want is to have a down payment saved so you’re ready to go when the time is right. Good luck saving while you’re planning your wedding. This is probably one of the most expensive times in your life since you’ve met. We want to help relieve some of the stress for you. We’ve created Vow2Save to do the work for you and keep you focused on planning the perfect day and your future life together.

Get a FREE wedding website

By registering with Vow2Save we set up an online bridal website that you can access and upload all of your engagement and wedding information. You can keep your family posted of all the wonderful events leading to the BIG day. We’ll even match the colors of your website to your wedding.

The best part of the website is it's connected to the bank account of your choice. That's right - you connect and control everything. When your family goes online to view your website they will see a link that they can log onto and make a donation that will go DIRECTLY to your bank account. Once they give their gift, they can have the option of posting it on your site so you will know right away that your down payment is growing! So, instead of you registering at all of those department stores and bridal registries, your family can give you the one thing that will give you security for the rest of your life. The gift of home-ownership! They have an opportunity to give you a gift that will change your life and make saving for your home completely worry free. No running to the bank to deposit checks after the honeymoon, or worrying about losing anything.

REGISTER for Vow2Save today and start collecting all that $$ instead of another toaster!