Vow2Save: An Easy down payment program for entrepreneurs, single parents, engaged couples or deserving renters

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Easy, Quick and Simple

By now, hopefully you’ve realized that Vow2Save is an awesome way to save money for a down payment on your new home. We’ll help you take care of your long term legacy. That’s right! You make the decision and WE guide you through the details. What can be easier than that? Now that you’re ready, just click here to build your Vow2Save site. Your free online wedding website allows your family and friends to view wedding plans, RSVP, and / or whatever you choose to announce. When people log onto your site they will see a place to click on the screen that allows them to contribute to your down payment registry using their credit card. It’s all done through Paypal who everyone already trusts, so they will feel comfortable giving their information. The money will go directly to your account, never touch ours, and everyone who logs on will be able to see your savings grow.

We thought it would be a fun visual to have an online meter with your $$ goal to help. Every donation will make the meter rise. Your family and friends will feel like they are part of your future! And they will be. Your new home will be purchased with love and support from the people who really care about you.